The First Electronic Immune Modulator

panag1The Panag Multitherapy Unit is developed to modulate the immune system. Through this reactivation, the immune system will be able to fight more efficiently any pathogens or weaknesses. The unit uses tried and tested scientific methods to treat disease. It transmits electrical pulses similar to those generated naturally by the human body. These impulses stimulate the nerves.

Recent research show that the immune system can be activated by stimulating the nervous system. The Panag device uses a unique probe that is placed under the tongue thus stimulating the nerve endings.

The body consists of an electrical side (CNS, neurons etc.) and a chemical side. Both sides have to be functioning effectively and in cohesion for the body to remain healthy. Presently, the vast majority of medical scientists have been concentrating on the chemical part of the body resulting in, the electrical part remaining untreated.

 A couple of experiments where certain nerves of the body have been stimulated effects on both immunomodulators and prostaglandins have been noted. (Nakamura et al., 1996) showed that IL 6 decreased in the kidneys of rats after electrostimulation of the renal nerve and(Hosoi et al., 2000) showed that Interleukin (IL) 1 beta was increased in the brain of rats after electrostimulation of the vagal nerve. Further evidence to the theory that electrostimulation modulates the prostaglandin and Interleukin concentration are found in the results of a study done by(Sokolova et al., 1990) on the prostaglandin (PG) E2 levels of mothers and their newborn infants after suprapubic and sacral transcutaneous electrical stimulation.

It is thus clear from the above literature that electrotherapy can modulate the cytokine and prostaglandins levels and affect the immune system of the body.

 The PANAG Multitherapy device was developed and licensed by the FDA (U.S.A) so it’s completely safe. It transmits electrical impulses very similar to those generated naturally by the human body. The treatment works mainly on the immune system as seen clinically during treatments. When the immune system is functioning properly it can fight any kind of disease. The device’s fast and consistent action can be attributed to the fact that it is introduced directly into the body. This unique type of therapy opened way; to internal electronic treatment as all other devices are always applied externally.