FULL SESSION (First Consultation)

ps2During a FULL SESSION(1 ½ to 2 hours), a medical consultation with symptoms are evaluated by a qualified medical practitioner with a focus on disease processes. This is followed by a SCIO SESSION. The SCIO communicates with your unconscious mind which has extensive knowledge of you which is about 97% of what is really going on with your body and mind. Anything that is affecting your health and well-being is outlined. The SCIO has a database of test frequencies for over 10 000 substances, which makes this machine unlike any other. It scans the body (much like a virus-scan on a computer) against its vast library of these 10 000 test substances and then produces a list of items that are causing imbalances in the body. The SCIO is able to scan your entire body at a speed of approximately 1/100th of a second for each substance. Therefore, the testing procedure is completed in only approximately 3 minutes. Once your imbalances have been identified, a unique programme is selected from among 85 different vibrational biofeedback therapies to help bring you balance and relief. These therapies are well known, safe, widely accepted, and used daily by thousands of clients/patients worldwide. The range of detection includes virus, bacteria, parasites or fungi, nutritional deficiencies (mineral, vitamin, amino acid or enzyme deficiencies), environmental and internal toxins, hormone destabilization, emotional blocks, mental blocks, inherited conditions, spiritual factors, etc.



  • Medical consultation concentrating on history of symptoms and disease processes
  • Full Body scan of over 10 000 frequencies within 3 minutes
  • Therapy to the top 350 imbalances in the body
  • Electro-acupuncture: electrically balance acupuncture points with harmonic resonant frequencies
  • Meridian system correction: adjusts meridian system utilizing a frequency applied technique.
  • Scalar auto program: Balances the subtle energy centers known as the Chakra system.
  • NLP (neuro-linguistic-programming): stress reduction and relaxation on a deep level
  • Brain scan for nutrition
  • Organs are balanced with regard to infection, inflammation &, toxicity ( colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, brain, female or male organs)
  • Specific treatment for any disease (eg. Diabetes)
  • Subconscious traumas, emotions from past corrected, Flower Essence Remedies
  • Muscle and pain therapy
  • Zap Bacteria, Fungi, Food poisoning & Parasites
  • Electro Chiropractic, Cranial Sacral, Circulation therapy, Aura Balancing, Color Therapy,
  • Detoxification programme, Digestion
  • Hormone balancing & stabilizing, Lymph, Muscles, Bones
  • Nutrition Analysis, Mineral Imbalances, Vitamin Imbalances, Special Nutrients needed
  • Neurotransmitter Balancing / Tuning, Stress and Cortisol Balancing, Balance Adrenals
  • Any specific medical, mental or emotional issue you are concerned with will be addressed

After your first session on the SCIO, we will recommend and discuss subsequent therapeutic suggestions. These may include further SCIO Therapy, Nutrition & Dietary Advices, Herbal or Homeopathic Support, Lifestyle changes, medical treatment or specialist referrals etc.

Duration: 1 ½ to 2 hours



scio23Imbalances that are found during the FIRST SESSION are identified which may require follow-up therapy. These sessions are usually specific and will address key issues eg. Allergy, Injury, pain, stress release etc. They are approximately 1 hour, depending upon the issues addressed and the severity of the ailment. This may be weekly or monthly as prescribed by the practitioner.



These sessions are for a specific problem. It may be for a physical illness, mental or traumatic issue. The duration is approximately an hour and can be tailor-made to your specific need or condition.

Examples are:

Disease- related sessions:

  1. Arthritis, bone & joint session
  2. Cancer session
  3. Epilepsy session
  4. Asthma session
  5. Diabetes session
  6. Heart- related session (arteriosclerosis etc)
  7. Hypertension session
  8. Eczema session
  9. Spine & backache session
  10. Insomnia & Sleep disorder session
  11. Anemia session
  12. Alzheimers & memory loss session
  13. Acne session
  14. Kidney stone session
  15. Eczema session
  16. Allergy session
  17. Cholesterol session
  18. Gastric ulcer session
  19. Gall-stone session
  20. Hypothyroid / hyperthyroid session


Emotional- related sessions:

  1. Trauma Session
  2. Stress release and relaxation session
  3. Depression session
  4. Anxiety session
  5. Anger session


Female sessions:

  1. Fertility Session
  2. Endometriosis session
  3. Endocrine and Hormonal balancing session
  4. Weight loss session
  5. Pregnancy session ( pre-natal, post-natal session)
  6. Skin rejuvenation & beauty session


Male sessions:

  1. Prostrate session
  2. Libido & sexual enhancement session
  3. Impotence session


Symptom-related sessions

  1. Injury and pain session
  2. Chronic fatigue session
  3. Digestion & constipation session
  4. Infection session (virus, bacteria, fungus, candida, parasite)
  5. Circulation session (lymph, blood)


Childhood sessions:

  1. Attention deficit (ADD, ADHD) session
  2. Autism session


Student sessions:

  1. Memory and learning enhancement session
  2. Pre-exam stress & relaxation session


Organ sessions:

  1. Kidney cleanse session
  2. Colon cleanse session
  3. Chest & lung session
  4. Eye Disorders & sight session
  5. Ear
  6. Liver Cleanse session
  7. Disorders & deafness session


Other sessions:

  1. Dental & oral session
  2. Full Body detoxification session
  3. Addiction session (alcohol, smoking)
  4. Anti-aging session