SweetumOxy – Anti Cancer


SweetumOxy is a chemical free, natural way to assist patients who have received chemo therapy, in fighting cancer.

1 Bottle will last 1 month. 3 months treatment is required for patients with extensive spread of cancer and patients who have received chemotherapy.

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SweetumOxy with the active ingredient Artemisinin is a herb derived from the Asian plant Artemisia annua.

The Anti-Cancer properties of SweetumOxy is achieved by the high concentrate of active ingredient called Artemisinin in each capsule.

Artemisinin and cancer

Researchers think Artemisinin could be an alternative to more aggressive cancer therapies, with little risk of developing a drug resistance.

Cancer cells require iron to divide and multiply. Iron activates artemisinin, which creates cancer-killing free radicals.

In addition, University of Washington researchers found artemisinin to be a thousand times more specific in killing certain cancer cells than current treatments, sparing normal cells from being destroyed while targeting cancer cells.

In their study, researchers bound artemisinin to cancer transferrin, a cancer-killing compound. This combination “fools” cancer cells into treating the transferrin as a harmless protein. Results showed that leukemia cells were destroyed and white blood cells were left unharmed.

Artemisinin was registered and patented as a cancer treatment back in 2002. The anti-cancer success rate of SweetumOxy derives from the High Oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC). The free oxygen molecules in Artemisinin, oxidises the iron that accumulates around the nucleolus of the cancer cell causing the cancer cell to die.

Important notice:
Once the cancer cells die
, it releases the iron that was accumulated back into the bloodstream. As soon as the iron levels in the blood becomes higher than the levels around the cancer cells, SweetumOxy starts to focus more on the iron in the blood than on the cancer cells. This predicament normally takes place after the second month of treatment and to resolve it, we suggest using Liver Ease by the third month to secrete the access iron from the body and restore the focus to the cancer cells.

Contains: Artemisia Annua

Directions for use:
Take 2 capsules per day, in the evening (with coconut oil) for a time period of three months.
Commence taking 3 capsules of Liver Ease per day starting the third month.

SweetumOxy – Anti Cancer