Why do more and more people drink hydrogen-rich water ?

Speaking of hydrogen-rich water, many people will not find it unfamiliar, especially those who love beauty. So how attractive is hydrogen-rich water to attract us? How good is it for our body? To be honest, hydrogen-rich water is important to our human health.

1. The effect of hydrogen-rich water on human body oxidation.
A large number of biological research evidences show that hydrogen is currently the only selective antioxidant substance that has been determined to selectively neutralize free radicals and nitrite anions. This is exactly what hydrogen can resist. The molecular basis of oxidative damage in the treatment of diseases. In addition, hydrogen molecules are very small and can quickly penetrate and diffuse throughout the body. They can penetrate various physiological barriers and cell membranes, enter the nucleus, and take away malignant reactive oxygen species that cannot be eliminated by ordinary means. More importantly, after removing active oxygen, hydrogen can turn into water for use by the human body without affecting the normal functions of other benign active oxygen and biological molecules. Oxidation is reflected in all aspects of the human body, including skin problems, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems, immune diseases, malignant tumors, and aging. Long-term drinking of hydrogen-rich water can enhance immunity, improve skin tone, skin texture, lighten spots, age spots, and so on.

2. The effect of hydrogen-rich water on human metabolism repair
Metabolic repair refers to the process of gradual recovery of material and energy metabolism. The intake of large amounts of fat, carbohydrates, and purines will increase the burden on the metabolic system. If things go on like this, the metabolic function will be disordered, and the ability to process the above substances will decrease, leading to metabolic diseases. Hydrogen-rich water balances the internal environment, comprehensively repairs metabolic functions, and fundamentally improves metabolism-related diseases including hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, hyperuricemia, and gout.

3. The role of hydrogen-rich water in anti-aging
A study from Japan found that centenarians who drink hydrogen-rich water all the year round have extremely strong hydrogen production capacity, which is more than three times that of ordinary people. As we all know, the proportion of centenarians suffering from cardiovascular diseases and cancer is much lower than that of ordinary people. This study not only confirms the anti-aging effect of hydrogen, but also confirms the value of hydrogen in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and malignant tumors in combination with other studies. .

4. The effect of hydrogen-rich water on chronic diseases.
International authoritative tests have proved that the hydrogen in hydrogen-rich water can reduce pathological symptoms such as oxidative damage, inflammatory damage, and cell apoptosis. It is effective for more than 60 common human diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Cerebrovascular diseases, malignant tumors, chronic respiratory diseases, cerebrospinal trauma, old age dementia, diabetes, kidney disease, etc., have ideal therapeutic effects. The domestic Taishan Hospital has listed the human metabolic syndrome, and the effect is very obvious. But this thing is not medicine yet, this is a strange phenomenon. However, in Japan, hydrogen-rich water has applied for a drug batch number, which is planned to be used to alleviate the adverse reactions of patients during cancer chemotherapy.

5. The role of hydrogen-rich water on allergic diseases.
There are many kinds of allergies, including skin allergies, respiratory allergies, and intestinal allergies, but no matter which kind of allergies are inseparable from physical fitness and immunity. Hydrogen-rich water regulates immunity in both directions, rebuilds immune balance, and completely improves allergies. It has a significant effect on various allergies such as eczema, urticaria, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, food intolerance, and chronic colitis.

6. The weight loss effect of hydrogen-rich water
Professor Naruto Ota of the Japan Medical University published an article in the internationally renowned academic journal “Obesity” in February 2011, introducing the experimental results of using hydrogen-rich water for weight loss research. Through animal experiments, it has been proved that hydrogen can treat type 2 diabetes and has a significant therapeutic effect on fatty liver caused by normal high-fat diet. It is concluded that long-term drinking of hydrogen-rich water can reduce animal weight without reducing diet and water consumption. , To reduce body fat, which means that it has a weight loss effect.

Hydrogen-rich water can significantly promote the body’s metabolism and have a good weight loss effect, especially for women who are more overweight. With the right amount of exercise and proper diet control, the effect will be more ideal.

7. The effect of hydrogen- rich water on improving hypertension .
The hydrogen electrons contained in hydrogen-rich water can prevent unsaturated fatty acids from combining with active oxygen to generate peroxide lipids and unsaturated fatty acids, which can improve hypertension. Hydrogen-rich water regulates blood pressure by reducing blood viscosity and improving the elasticity of blood vessel walls. Consistently drinking hydrogen-rich water for hypertensive patients can gradually reduce their dependence on drugs within 3-6 months.

8. The effect of hydrogen- rich water on diabetes mellitus. 
Hydrogen molecular medicine has a large number of studies on diabetes and its complications. It has been confirmed that hydrogen gas can improve the secretion of pancreatic islets, regulate glucose and lipid metabolism, lower blood sugar, improve peripheral circulatory disorders, and relieve diabetic fundus. Complications such as lesions and skin ulcers.

9. The effect of hydrogen-rich water on gout and hyperuricemia.

The prevalence of gout is based on hyperuricemia, and the key to treatment is “stable lowering of uric acid.” Hydrogen-rich water can promote purine metabolism and gradually reduce blood uric acid levels. Generally, after drinking hydrogen-rich water for about 3-6 months, the blood uric acid level of hyperuricemia patients will be significantly improved, and the gout will no longer occur or the symptoms will be reduced.

10. The effect of hydrogen-rich water on rheumatoid arthritis
The goal of hydrogen-rich water to treat rheumatoid arthritis is to control systemic inflammation, improve immunity, so as to relieve symptoms and improve health. In addition, the hydrogen molecule is small and has good permeability. It can penetrate the synovial membrane of the joint, enter the joint cavity, dredge the microcirculation, achieve anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, and completely solve the problems of rheumatoid arthritis; the biggest advantage of hydrogen-rich water is that it has no toxic side effects. It is also a problem that cannot be solved by the current treatment of rheumatoid arthritis drugs.