KUNZ Portable Hydrogen Inhaler


An Easy To Use Hydrogen Gas Therapy System That Gives You Access To The Most Powerful Form of H2 Therapy!

The PORTABLE INHALER is easy to use and is stylish – making it perfect to take wherever you go! Be it around the house, at the office, visiting family or even on holiday!

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Safety Design:

Intelligent Over-current Protection

Two Uses in one Unit:

Hydrogen Water to Drink & Hydrogen Inhaler


High-end  Structure. Continuously use for 3 hours

Latest Upgrade:

Built in intelligent flow 120ml Electrolyser

SPE Technology of Hydrogen Production:

Polymer filtration and electrolysis of pure water to produce Hydrogen, no electrolyte is needed, only pure water is required. Produces stable Hydrogen with high H2 Purity.

KUNZ Portable Hydrogen Inhaler