1. What is the difference between Panag and other devices?

The difference is based on the method of treatment. Panag transmits the frequency directly inside the body through a probe placed under the tongue, making it very effective. All the other devices use external pads.


2. How often can you use it?

The Panag device has no side effects and is user friendly. Therefore, it may be used daily or whenever the user deems it necessary.


3. Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects recorded.


4. Can I use it if I am not sick, and if so, what are the benefits?

Yes, you can use it when you are not sick in order to prevent the immune system from being unable to fight disease. The benefit of using the machine when you are not sick is that, the immune system stays strong enough to prevent any minor sicknesses and gives your body energy.


5. Can I use it while I am pregnant?

No, it is not recommend since it has not been tested during pregnancy yet.


6. How fast does it work?

It depends as to how weak the immune system was and what the machine is used for.


7. What are the benefits for Cancer and HIV/AIDS patients?

The main benefit for Cancer and HIV/AIDS is that Panag assists the immune system to alleviate the symptoms related to the said diseases. With Cancer patients, using Panag and Chemotherapy it reduces the side effects related to Chemotherapy. The ailments related to HIV/AIDS patients’ such as diarrhea subside. This ultimately leads to a healthier patient after extensive use with Panag. Patients with cancer and HIV/AIDS gain weight when using the device.


8. Can my children use it?

Children can use the Panag device since it is user friendly, however certain probes cannot be used depending on the age group, whereby alternative probes may be used.


9. How often can the device be used for Endometriosis or Prostate Problems?

It is recommend to use it one hour per day but the treatment can be applied between three and four hours per day depending on the severity of the disease.


10. Can I use it for headaches and normal wellbeing?

Yes. Panag may be deemed as an addition to an individual’s lifestyle as opposed to an obligation.


11. Can I use it for hormone balance?

Yes. It is recommended to be used since it modulates the pituitary gland responsible for hormonal balance of the human body.
12. Can I use it for brain benefits?

Yes. It has been proven that the usage of the Panag device improves concentration and enhances memory.