Scientific Breakthrough & Research
A New & Innovative Approach For The Prevention & Treatment Of Various Diseases

Research comprising more than 1 000 articles from 1 600+ researchers suggest that HYDROGEN has therapeutic potential in over 170 different human and animal disease models. Research on molecular hydrogen can be found by searching the National Institutes of Health & MHI 

MOLECULAR HYDROGEN, also known as “diatomic hydrogen,” is a colourless, tasteless, and odourless gas.


1.Molecular Hydrogen is a very small, stable, neutrally charged molecule.
2. Ability to cross cellular membranes & cross the blood-brain barrier
3. Can access DNA & mitochondria within cells.
Because of this, Molecular Hydrogen is an incredibly efficient anti-oxidant that can protect and reduce free radicals, and in turn suppress the oxidative stress that often leads to the progression of diseases.

Uses of HYDROGEN in Health

Clinical Applications of HYDROGEN INHALATION

• METABOLIC SYNDROME including diabetes, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and obesity
• ISCHEMIA / REPERFUSION injuries including cerebral and myocardial infarctions, organ transplants, post-cardiac arrest
• NEUROPROTECTION including applications for dementia, Parkinson’s disease, depression, and anesthesia
• INFLAMMATION including applications for polymicrobial sepsis, rheumatoid arthritis, wound healing, and bowel diseases
• AGING including cognitive decline, Dermentia, Alzheimers
• EXERCISE including applications for fatigue, lactic acid, recovery, and oxidative stress related to heavy exercise
• SIDE EFFECTS OF CANCER THERAPIES including radiotherapy and chemotherapy

So What You Can Expect from Breathing in HYDROGEN ?

Hydrogen Can Help You Improve Your Health And Improve Your Fitness.
Some Of The Common Benefits From Inhaling Hydrogen Are:

  1. It can help flush heavy metals from your body.
  2. It boosts your energy level.
  3. It will feed your mitochondria so expect more steady energy, less body fatigue, faster recovery.
  4. It can reduce cellulite and wrinkles.
  5. It helps sooth inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
  6. It reduces high blood pressure.
  7. It Improves blood glucose, diminishing the need for insulin.
  8. It improves allergies and asthma conditions.
  9. It eases autoimmune disease affecting your joints or skin.
  10. It boosts brain power.
  11. It can make you feel more alert.
  12. It can reduce feelings of depression.
  13. It can ease stiffening of your major joints hip, knees, ankles, and your spine.
  14. It can reduce the need for painkillers.