Almost all diseases respond to Cupping. The following are some of the most common:


  1. Pain related conditions : Cupping eases pain, especially that which is related to headache,menstrual cramps, dental pain, tennis elbow, muscle pain, back pain and sciatica.
  2. Headache and migraine: In the 18th century Cupping was considered to be an effective remedy for headache and it was highly recommended for migraine. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used Cupping as a treatment for migraine.
  3. Rheumatic diseases: Many rheumatic disorders simply disappear after just a few sessions of Cupping therapy. It has a great effect on back and joint problems and is especially helpful for conditions such as rheumatism, lumbago and stiff neck and shoulders because it increases blood circulation and mobility. By supplying more oxygen, hormones and essential enzymes to local tissues and joints, Cupping keeps local tissues warm and this increases elasticity and flexibility in muscles and joints. It also relieves muscle spasms and stiffness in muscular tissue and the pain that is associated with it. It has a remarkable effect on a stiff (frozen) shoulder. It is also effective for chronic joint rheumatism as it facilitates the flow of blood to the joints. It also removes congested blood and solves problems that cannot be solved with acupuncture.
  4. Arthritis: In the beginning, Cupping was recommended for the treatment of arthritis and pain as well as gout. When treating arthritis the treatment is concentrated on the area of the joints concerned. If it is a mild case it is possible to have a complete cure.
  5. Low back pain: Cupping relieves low back pain and in chronic cases it can be used along with acupuncture.
  6. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Chronic fatigue syndrome is long-standing severe fatigue without substantial muscle weakness and without proven physical or psychological causes. It has been found that Al-Hijamah along with acupuncture is an effective treatment.
  7. Fevers and local inflammation: Chinese doctors believe that a number of diseases are the result of blood stagnation and heat. They used Cupping to remove stagnant blood, activate blood circulation and dispel pathogenic factors. Cupping was used on patients suffering from flu, headache and fever.
  8. Chest and heart diseases: Cupping is also recommended for the treatment of lung diseases,especially chronic cough, pleurisy, bronchial congestion and asthma. It was also advocated for the treatment of congestive heart failure until the 1930s. As recently as 1942, medical textbooks advised Cupping for high fever pneumonia and acute pneumonia. Cupping also successfully treats hypertension.cup9
  9. Gastrointestinal diseases: The stomach, spleen and intestines are considered to be the most important engines of the human body. From these areas the natural healing power of the body derives its energy. Dry Cupping stimulates the insides of these organs, their movement and secretion of digestive fluids and so strengthens the power of digestion, the absorption of nourishment and the power of secretion. It relives chronic gastroenteritis and constipation. These organs also benefit from Cupping treatment applied to the back as it stimulates the spinal nerves and automatic nerves as well as strengthening the muscles of the respiratory system.
  10. Urinary diseases: Cupping therapy is known to treat stones, abscess and urine retention. Cups can be applied to the lumber region to treat urine retention.
  11. Dermatologic diseases: The skin disorders that are well-known to be treated by Cupping are: boils, abscess, herpes, acne, cellulite and urticaria. Sometimes acupuncture is used in conjunction with Cupping. Cupping therapy is also known to stimulate hair growth through direct physical stimuli on hair roots and the expansion of blood vessels of the skin through the pull of low pressure.The skin is benefited in many ways through Cupping treatment as it stimulates the flow of lymph fluids which helps remove bacteria and carry proteins. This strengthens the power of the skin and its resistance to many harmful conditions, meaning it would regenerate faster if it is cut or wounded. The enhancement of blood circulation encourages a sufficient supply of nutrition to skin tissue. After Cupping, skin temperature rises and increases blood flow. Cupping also improves skin respiration and promotes gaseous exchange within cells. It also promotes metabolism within skin tissues and accelerates the functions of both sweat and sebaceous glands leading to the secretion of salts, sebaceous material and the excretion of sweat.The essential point of Cupping is not only to expel stagnant blood but also to expand blood vessels to facilitate blood flow and remove toxic substances from the surface of the skin.
  12. Psychological diseases: Cupping therapy is like massage and is effective against anxiety and worry. Hence, insomnia is treated with Cupping in conjunction with massage. It also helps balance hormones, which is very effective when treating depression.
  13. Infectious diseases: In the 18th century Cupping was considered an effective remedy for cholera and in America Cupping was encouraged during yellow fever epidemics. Furthermore, mumps was treated by applying water Cupping over the swollen glands.
  14. Varicose veins: Cupping removes stagnant blood from these fine capillaries.Cupping should never be done directly on the main varicose veins.
  15. Cancer: Most conventional doctors are trained to perform surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy to treat cancer. As the rate of cancer patients is soaring worldwide every available therapy should be utilized.Although there is no documented evidence that Cupping cures cancer, it is known to dramatically improve the condition of the patient. Some practitioners use it to rebalance energy in the body that has been blocked by certain tumors. Cupping is effective for undoing the damage done to patients by conventional therapies of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Cupping has found a place in cancer therapy, not yet as a cure, but as a complementary therapy that helps patient feel better, detox, relieve pain and recover faster. During chemotherapy the immune system is depleted and Cupping helps repair the immune system and strengthens it to withstand further attack.



The following is a list of some of the diseases, amongst others which has a good response to Hijamah (Cupping Therapy). The list of diseases is taken from book “Al Hijamah Elaaj Bhee Sunnah Bhee” by Dr. Amjad Ahsan Ali.

  • Abdominal Distention Hiatus ,Acute and Chronic Sinusitis, Anal Fistula
  • Anxiety , Back Pain (Muscular), Bronchial Asthma (Chronic Bronchitis)
  • Burning Hands and Feet Syndromes, Cardiovascular Disorders
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy,Cervical Spondylosis
  • Constipation, Cough, Cystitis
  • Decreased Intelligence, Depression
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Diseases of the Gallbladder and Bile Ducts, Disorders of Blood Circulation
  • Disorders of the Eye, Disorders of the Immune System
  • Disorders of the Joints, Connective Tissue and Immune System In General
  • Disorders of the Kidney
  • Disorders of the Knee Joints, Hip Joints and Shoulders (Including Osteoarthritis and Meniscus Tear)
  • Disorders of the Knee Joints, Hip Joints and Shoulders (Including
  • Osteoarthritis and Meniscus Tear)
  • Disorders of the Thyroid Gland
  • Eczema, Excessive Sleep, Facial Palsy, Fatigue, Female Infertility
  • Food Allergy, General Hijamah Sites in Psychiatry
  • Gout, Headache, Heartburn, Hemiplegia, Hemorrhoids
  • Hypertension and Hypertensive Crisis, Indigestion
  • Insomnia, Leg and Knee Pain, Male Sterility
  • Memory Disorders, Mental Retardation, Migraine
  • Neck and Shoulder Pain, Obesity, Ovarian Stimulation
  • Pain After Obstetric Surgery, Peptic Ulcer Disease
  • Psoriasis, Respiratory System Disorders
  • Sciatica, Intervertebral Disc Herniation, Lumbar Disc Prolapse
  • Seizures and Epilepsy
  • Sexual Weakness (Including Loss of Sexual Desire and Premature
  • Ejaculation)
  • Speech Disorders, To Stop Smoking, Under Weight
  • Urinary Incontinence, Varicose Veins, Vitiligo