Diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma – Completed the FINDING HEALTH CANCER PROGRAM WITH DR MOOSA – Pietermaritzburg, KZN.

I was first diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer, in August 2015.  The cancer was removed and doctors recommended that i undergo radiation – everything happened so fast and i just went along with the doctors decisions at that point because i thought that i had no other options – i just wanted the cancer gone.  It was also easier to be positive and push through as it was all new and we had no idea what to expect.

I underwent 6 weeks of radiation and felt progressively more tired and drained…  in fact that feeling stayed with me for the longest time.

From the time of my diagnosis i started reading up more on cancer and joined forums like The Truth About Cancer – i found these to be incredibly eye opening and informative.

I also continued going for quarterly scans and they were all clear until my 18 month scan.

In Feb 2016 a mass was detected in my scan.  My oncologist suggested that it be operated and removed to be safe.  I underwent a major op to remove the mass which was then sent for testing.

Unfortunately the results showed that the cancer had returned.  It was certainly more devastating hearing the news the second time around as this time we knew what to expect.

The thought of going through the entire process again was emotional and terrifying.

This time however, we took a little more time to absorb and process everything…  i felt like i now had more awareness of my situation and knew that i wanted things to be different.  I wanted to take some time and get my facts together before speaking to the oncologist again.  I took about a day to pull myself together after hearing the diagnosis and then started reading up on and watching motivational videos of people being treated, successfully, with alternative cancer treatments…  i found this incredibly inspiring and found that there is actually so much information out there for those that are willing to look.  It can get overwhelming but the key is to be patient and also sift through and really take the time to find legitimate alternatives that will work for you.   We did extensive research on alternative treatments and one of the options that kept coming up was oxygen therapy and how important rebuilding the immune system is to a cancer patient/survivor.

We phoned around to places all over South Africa to find out what they offered and while searching stumbled upon contact details for Dr Moosa – and how lucky and blessed were we that he was also in Pietermaritzburg.

We set up an initial consult with Dr Moosa just to see what this alternative treatment was all about – there was no decision made yet and we were still due to meet with the oncologist…  this options were still open at this point.  To be very honest we were a bit skeptical and Dr Moosa already knew we would be.

Dr Moosa however, patiently answered all of our questions and explained his 6 pillar protocol to treating cancer – we sat there taking notes and every bit of what Dr Moosa said made so much sense…  we walked out of the session with so much more hope than when we walked in and it felt like 80% of the decision had been made.

I still met with the oncologist the next week and gave me 2 possible options for chemotherapy.  One of them had the side effect of severely affecting the heart while the other would have completed depleted my immune system – quite the opposite of the treatment offered by Dr Moosa.

I could not see myself going the chemotherapy route and having such a poor quality of life…  i wanted to make the most of the time that i do have rather than to be sick all the time – the choice then became easy.

I started treatment with Dr Moosa in May and am so glad i did.  I have never felt better…  people tell me how much better i look and i have renewed energy.

This treatment goes along with a lifestyle change in terms of adopting healthier eating habits and more awareness of what you are putting into your body but once you realise the benefits, this becomes much easier.  The focus was to shift to more of an alkaline diet, so all of the food and supplementation also encouraged a more alkaline PH level.

I did treatments twice a week and alternated the sessions.

The treatments that I received were

  • Ozone treatment which was done intravenously once a week.  My understanding is that by highly oxygenating the cancer cells, together with the alkaline diet, it restores the PH level of the cells…  this breaks down the cancer and promotes healing from within the cancer itself
  • Ozone Sauna – twice a week – to detox
  • High dose Vitamin C and hydrogen peroxide drip which was also done intravenously once a week.  This was to boost the immune system and promote cellular healing and to assist in ridding the body of toxins formed during the breakdown of cancer
  • One of the most important steps of the treatment was to do a detox program.  I did this in stages and this was especially important considering that I had previously undergone radiation therapy.  The  detox program was broken down into 3 phases
    • A 2 week colon detox
    • A 1 week liver detox
    • A 1 week kidney detox
  • All of the detox supplementation was provided and guidance on how to go through the detox
  • Some of the supplementation that I received included vitamin B17, alkaline powder, the various detox supplements, vitamins, anti-cancer and calcium capsules as well as anti-oxidants

Aside from the treatment itself I have learnt so much from Dr Moosa about the impact of certain foods and supplements on the body.  I would most certainly recommend the treatment to anyone who wants to go the alternate route instead of chemo or radiation.

Kind Regards

Kay Moodley